open for nearly one year in Prescott Valley and serves the entire Quad City area.  They are located at 7800 E Highway 69 Suite B3 next to Safeway.   


We had an opportunity to sit down with Mark Nicotera the founder of AZ MediQuip to learn more about the company and to ask some important questions about what he is seeing happening in the home medical equipment industry. 


Mark, tell us how you started AZ MediQuip and why you chose to open in Prescott Valley? 

AZ MediQuip was the evolution of a small Medicare provider I purchased in 2011.  I was an unemployed corporate exec and could not find a job – so I decided to buy a small business and employer myself.  That became AZ MediQuip in 2013 and we’ve been identifying the needs of and serving our clients with more locations and better products ever since.  We want to serve the entire state as best we can and therefore the Prescott Valley location was selected to serve as much of northern AZ as realistically possible. 


We hear a lot about “supply chain” issues, has that impacted the home medical equipment industry? 

The supply chain issues are everywhere and impacting everyone.  Certainly, they are impacting any provider of home medical equipment.  AZ MediQuip is very well positioned in that, with our 8 stores and overall sales volume, we have more clout with our vendors and more vendors from which to secure product supply.  That said, there are a few items where the manufacturers simply can’t get parts and equipment production is greatly diminished.  ResMed CPAP machines and Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators are prime examples.  Where many resellers simply have empty shelves, we have great alternatives ready for purchase and use. 


What would customers need to know or do when they need home medical supplies?   

For many customers, purchasing medical equipment can be confusing and even overwhelming.  We recommend that customers seek out a qualified expert that they can talk to in person.  Customers should want to develop a level of trust with their equipment provider so that they are confident that they are getting good information.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of outdated and incorrect information on the internet which creates more challenges.   AZ MediQuip Team Members, by their very nature, are people that want to help and have extensive training and product knowledge.  They understand the products we sell, what our customers need and commonly what questions the client did not ask that they should be asking!  Also – if you need something, get it.  With current supply chain issues, if you pass on something today, it may very well be gone tomorrow with resupply months away. 


We are being challenged now with rising inflation, how is this impacting home medical equipment customers? 

We are fortunate to have a wide variety of products at varying price points in each of our eight statewide locations.  AZ MediQuip’s mission is to customize the solution for each customer.  We do offer a financing option for our customers to take advantage of if needed.  Additionally, should the need be more short-term, we do offer the best selection of rental equipment in Arizona.  We are solutions-oriented and we focus on that with our customers to make sure they are not solving one problem and creating a new one in the process.  


Are there any trends within the business that you are seeing? 

The very concept of buying home medical equipment versus having it supplied by your insurance company is new to most people.  As insurance companies (including Medicare) sought ways to cut costs, the access to and quality of equipment being provided has become a real challenge for customers.  Access to higher quality products is a strong trend. The option to choose your favorite product, color, or brand and get it now versus waiting weeks or months is another aspect driving our business. 


Mark, thank you for the time today it was great learning more about you and AZ MediQuip. 


As a reminder whether your need is to purchase, rent, or have your equipment serviced, AZ MediQuip helps minimize the stress involved in making home medical equipment decisions. The great team in Prescott Valley provides exceptional product knowledge and is committed to making your medical equipment buying and renting process easier than ever.  As they say, AZ MediQuip is medical equipment made easy.