Question: Is inhaling cannabis a responsible choice?

Answer: Yes. Inhaling is a delivery system for multiple medications, it is not specific to marijuana. Many people are familiar with a nebulizer or inhaler to treat breathing disorders and my doctor had me inhaling Glutathione to detox my brain for better function and treat fungi on my lungs. Patients like to inhale their marijuana medicine because it is fast acting usually in about 20 seconds relief is obtained.

An example of smoking aka burning with combustion and vaping aka vaporizing, is boiling point verses flash point. Boiling is not burning, its rapid vaporizing. If you drip water into a hot pan it will evaporate, not burn.

Medical Marijuana patients can use cannabis flowers as a smoking product known as a joint, blunt, pipe, or bong. This does create a smoke that contains some carcinogens as with any live plant that has a flame or excessive heat applied. People fail to realize the same occurs when raw potatoes are put into boiling hot oil, the same carcinogen “formaldehyde” equal to smoking cigarettes is produced.

Another inhalation option is vaping the marijuana buds, flowers or concentrates. Vaping is different than smoking because of the low temperature used to create the vapor verses high temperature required to create smoke. There are different types of vape “tips” that screw onto a pen size battery used for flowers, liquids, or concentrates and there are hundreds of options when choosing a vaporizer.

Some things to keep in mind: Do not inhale liquids that contain PEG, PG, or oils such as MCT oil. If you are vaporizing a store-bought liquid the only safe product is VG =vegetable glycerin with cannabis or hemp. If you vaporize concentrates use products processed with Co2, Water hash, Rosin, but no chemical processed products.

If you want more information on the inhalation method and product considerations come visit us for the 1:00 pm Monday class.

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