Question: Can medical marijuana patients grow under the adult use program?

Answer: Yes. Having a medical marijuana patient card offers patient protections and rights not offered under the Adult use program. The Adult use program does allow any adult over the age of 21 years old to grow 6 plants with a 12-plant total per household.

Dispensary’s in Arizona are the only legal vendors that can sell seeds and clones, or they can be gifted or traded without a charge. Ordering seeds online can be risky, and your purchase may be confiscated through the mail.

Keep in mind, although you can plant your garden after the vote is certified on Nov. 30th and after the five day wait period following the vote certification, you may want to wait. The AZ legislators need to write laws, and the AZ Dept. of Health Services needs to write rules to administer the program. All types of little details can appear through that process. Also be aware that every town and your landlord can determine if you can grow on town/city property and at your rental property. For homeowners we do not know if your property insurance carrier will have a say or not.

Marijuana is not addictive but growing marijuana is! It is a beautiful plant, an enjoyable hobby for homebound people, and rewarding the same as any other edible garden. For new growers there is a learning curve to make beautiful healthy plants and flowers, even though it is a weed. Rather than plant all six plants at once, we suggest planting two plants every three weeks, so you have a continuous supply rather than a bunch at once. We also suggest you do not plant all the same strain or type, rather a variety.

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