Question: What are the benefits to keeping my medical marijuana card active, now that Arizona has an Adult use program?

Answer: Remember the AZ legislators need to write the laws for the Adult use program and the AZ Dept. of Health Services needs to write the Rules to administer the program. There are somethings we need to wait to find out but here is what we know now.

Patients have legal protections:

Discrimination prohibited:

1) Parental Rights

2) Employment Rights

3) Housing Rights

4) Medical Care protection

5) Protection from property forfeiture

6) Protection from prosecution for anyone around the medical use of marijuana

Lower Cost

Medical patients = pay 10 cents on the dollar tax

Adult use = 26 cents on the dollar tax

Possessing Concentrates

Medical patient = 70 grams

Adult use= 5 grams

THC Edibles

Medical patients= unlimited per serving

Adult use= 10 mg per serving maximum with no more than 100 mg per package and no gummies, candies, packaging that attracts children

Access to Marijuana

Medical patients= Dispensary must be open a minimum 30 hours a week and provide medicine

to every patient who enters

Adult use= Not defined in the Rules yet

Quantity Purchased

Medical patients= 2.5 ounces or 70 grams every 14 days

Adult patients= 1 ounce (we do not know how often, to be defined in the Rules)


Medical Patients= Can possess 2.5 ounces or 70 grams

Adult use= Can possess up to 1 ounce when away from home

Remember, Adult use Rules have not been written just yet. Using marijuana recreationally could affect the ability to obtain employment, housing, insurance: auto, life, medical, student housing, student loans, car loans, and social services.