Happy New Year 2020! Each New Year brings renewed hope of life being a little easier, hope for better health and wellness, hope for prosperity, and new beginnings. May your New Year be blessed!

Question: What changes in the medical marijuana program can be expected in 2020?


  1. Medical marijuana cards are now being issued for two years instead of the historical one year card, without an increase in cost.
  2. The process of how medical marijuana cards are being issued has changed. The Arizona Department of Health Services has made the program all electronic. Patient cards are now issued as an electronic file to your email instead of a physical card being mailed.
  3. Identification and Driver’s license submitted with your application can no longer be the temporary paper copy issued when you apply for new ID or DL.
  4. When a medical marijuana patient application requests to grow their own marijuana medicine, AZDHS will ask for proof you live on that rural property, even when that address is on your driver’s license. Failing to provide proof AZDHS will deny your application and the state will keep your $150 or $75 if you are on Food Stamps.
  5. In the fall of 2020 dispensaries will be required to have marijuana and all marijuana products tested for mold, chemical used in pesticides, hopefully heavy metals, and potency.
  6. We should see some improved labeling where no industry standards are in place for Cannabinoid potency THC/CBD etc., strain name on labels, etc.
  7. There are two legalization petitions collecting signatures in hopes of being on the ballot November 2020 for Adult Use. The Safety Act and the Justice Act. The difference between the two are HUGH. In my opinion, The Safety Act everyone gets arrested and the Justice Act stops marijuana arrests.

Parts of the program that will remain the same: Information about the medical marijuana program can only be obtained online. Each patient will need to see a doctor in person to obtain a completed physician certification form. After the in person medical appointment the application for a medical marijuana patient card must be processed online, corrections to the application must be submitted online

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This article is not legal or medical advice and written as information only.

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