Question: What changes have occurred in the medical marijuana and hemp industry in Arizona?


  • Arizona Supreme Court upheld the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act as written and declared “ALL” parts of the plant in any form can be used by registered patients.
  • House Bill 1494 was signed by Governor Ducey effective 11/01/2020 that will:
  1. License marijuana testing labs requiring a $5000 application fee, $1000 to renew.
  2. Require all marijuana grown and products sold in dispensaries in Arizona be tested for mold, solvents, contaminates, and potency.
  3. Form a Board to determine industry testing standards.
  4. Patient, Caregiver, and Dispensary Agent cards will be good for two years instead of one year, effective 08/27/2019.
  • Growing Hemp in Arizona is legal as of 05/31/2019 with a license from the Dept. of Agriculture.
  • Transporting hemp across state lines is legal in the U.S.
  • Manufacturing hemp into more than 50,000 products is legal in Arizona.
  • Distribution of hemp products for retail outlets, not yet fully defined under Arizona State Law.
  • Retail sales to end users and possession of all hemp products is not fully defined under AZ law.
  • Petition now circulating: The Arizona Justice League’s Cannabis Justice Act removes criminal codes for possession, consumption, cultivation, and sale of cannabis for adults over 18.
  • Patients are asking why the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors has not reprimanded the County Attorney for violating the AMMA after wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to define the word “ALL” parts of the plant. For seven years clearly violating the rights of thousands of registered medical marijuana patients with illegal search and seizure, property forfeiture, arrests, incarceration, life long criminal records, false DUI, required interlocking devices on vehicles, required TASC drug tests, probation, and fines. All victims should file for victim compensation.
  • The writer’s opinion. Let us talk about the millions of dollars in the medical marijuana fund. This money is collected from sick and injured people thru card fees, dispensary applications, and renewal fees, that cannot go into the general fund. Tax revenue from sales of marijuana and paraphernalia do go into the state tax coffers. The marijuana fund far exceeds the cost of administering the program and none is being used to help registered patients. The first two years the Arizona Department Of Health Services would mail a monthly newsletter to patients but that stopped once Governor Ducey took office. Here are some ideas the fund could be used for:
  1. Send every registered patient a $1000 check to be spend as they choose. This would stimulate the economy while creating tax revenue that will benefit the state.
  2. People in Hospice could get free cannabis from their local dispensary paid by the marijuana fund.
  3. Low income patients with proof of income could apply for a voucher to use at dispensaries.

These are just a few ideas, but I have many more if anyone is listening, I am happy to share!

This article is for information only. It is not intended as medical or legal advice.

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