After a decade of serving our community, MJ Consulting LLC – Michelle and John are going to retire May 31, 2023. We will hold a liquidation sale on May 19-20, 10-6 pm and everything must go! It has been a blessing and pleasure to serve our community, thank you. 

As a tribute to the medical marijuana patients in our community we will share some of our patient success stories. The names have been changed for privacy, but the stories are real. 

Greg will tell you he started using medical marijuana to get off opiates. He says marijuana gave him his life back. His 84-year-old mother was a retired medical doctor and Greg feared telling her he was using marijuana as medicine knowing how she felt about marijuana. Mom complained relentlessly about her swollen and painful ankles and knees. One day after Thanksgiving dinner mom was seated in her easy chair complaining. Greg grabbed one leg and rubbed cream on it. Greg didn’t tell her what it was and said, “goodbye mom, call when I am home in 2 hours and let me know if it helped. As he put the key in the door at home the phone was ringing, it was mom. Mom said nothing she knew of ever worked like that cream and wanted more. She was surprised to learn it was marijuana. Mom came to get her patient card the next week. 

Bob had been in a car accident in his teen years. He had a spinal cord injury and was confined to his electric wheelchair for 25 years. He came to us for a medical marijuana card several years in a row and decided to do some acupuncture. Bob also added some therapeutic mushrooms to his treatment plan. One day Bob came through our doors walking with a cane, no chair! It was such a joy and miraculous healing. Bob said,” My service dog doesn’t know how to act now that I can get things by myself”. 

Lacy came to my office and said I have breast cancer; I need a patient card please. I asked if she had a medical record of her diagnosis and said no and lifted her shirt. I was looking at 10-inch black circle with a dead inverted nipple. I asked why she waited so long. She explained her husband had two open heart surgeries in the last year and she had to care for him. She was able to see her doctor the next day who wanted to schedule her for surgery immediately to remove her nipple. She told the doctor no surgery, I am going to save this nipple and my breasts with cannabis. The doctor said then why are you here? Lacy explained she needed a medical record to get a medical marijuana card and she wants the doctor to record her progress. Linda did save that nipple with no surgery, chemo, or radiation. She was eating and drinking live marijuana plants. Lacy continues to be cancer free after six years and is alive and well today. 

Billy was diagnosed with lung cancer. He decided to bypass traditional treatment of surgery, chemo, and radiation, using only live marijuana juice and inhalation. Ten years later Billy continues to be cancer free and is alive and healthy today. 

Ruth and her two friends had late-stage MS. All three were confined to their electric scooters for the past two years not able to stand on their own at all. Ruth’s husband noting his wife was looking depressed suggested they go visit Ruths two friends. Ruth had not seen them in several months and agreed to go. Upon arriving Ruth heard a familiar voice shout, “come in”. Ruth saw both friends standing on their own two feet in the kitchen making green juice. Ruth was so astounded she yelled, “Hey we can’t stand up”, her friends replied we have been making fresh cannabis juice for the past few months and now we can stand! Ruth learned how to grow her own so she could make fresh cannabis juice.  

Millie at age 16 came to me with her mother Chris. She was bent over and in obvious pain. Chris explained that Millie began bladder pain at about age six. Doctors have tried everything over the years without success. Now the doctors were saying she needs to have her bladder removed. Mom thought they should try cannabis before the drastic surgery. After Millie received her mmj patient card she was invited to my home to try fresh marijuana juice. She drank just 1 oz., and I asked mom to contact me over the weekend to let me know if it helped. When mom called me, she said, “I came home from work and Millie was cooking dinner for the first time ever. Millie are you high what is going on?” Millie calmly looked at her mother and said, “mom I told you a hundred times its not that you didn’t teach me, it’s not that I am lazy, I am usually in too much pain to be helpful, Tonight I have no pain”. The juicing with fresh marijuana plants continued and Millie avoided surgery.  

So many more stories and not enough space to write them. As always, this article is intended to be information, not medical advice. Come see us by May 31, 2023. Submitted by MJ Consulting LLC 8540 E. State Rt. 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.