Question: Does marijuana treat neuropathy? 

Answer: Yes, very effectively. Marijuana can treat neuropathy internally and externally. We have tried many products in our house. To be affective there does need to be some THC in your product. Look for a full spectrum product that has all the parts the plant has to offer, not just CBD. CBD is just one of 140 known cannabinoids just like THC is just one of 140 cannabinoids. A full spectrum product has all 140 and works best. 

External use. Look for a product in the dispensary that states full spectrum: cream or ointment rub. You will also see foams, sprays, and infused tape. Buy the smallest container (until you know it works for you) at the highest potency your budget allows. The higher the potency the less you need to use to get the best relief and saves you money in the long run. Relief is usually 3-6 hours. 

KT Tape usually comes in different lengths like 3 ft or 5 ft. rolls. You will need to cut off a 2–3-inch piece for each foot or the area you feel neuropathy. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the area where the tape will be applied. The tape can go on the bottom, top, or heel of your foot, pick one. Tape is generally water resistance and can stay in place up to 4 days, depending on the manufacture. This long-lasting option is the best! You will feel relief body wide as the medicine gets into your blood stream. 

Internal use. Always look for a full spectrum product. Inhaled marijuana products treat neuropathy. Inhaling marijuana gives relief in less than one minute but does last only 1-3 hours. You will find smoking the flowers or buds, vaporizing, and inhalers that look much like an asthma inhaler with a metered dose. Experience has taught me to look for strains aka types that have the word purple in the name. i.e. Granddaddy Purple, Purple Kush, Purple Haze, etc. Purple relieves pain. 

Tinctures are liquid drops you can put into your mouth but they also work as a rub. Many tinctures have added other pain-relieving herbs with the marijuana. Some are very potent so start with a 5 mg THC dose and work up to more if you need more. Tinctures will take about 20 minutes to get into your blood stream and give you relieve 4-6 hours. 

Edibles are defined as any product that needs to be digested. It will take up to 2 hours to feel the effects and last 8-12 hours. Again, edibles can be very potent under the medical program so start out with 5 mg. THC dose and increase the dose the next day and each day after until you get the relief you need. 

I have found if you can find the cause of your neuropathy, that is the best way to reduce or eliminate the pain. Neuropathy comes from a variety of sources: Medications, low back pain, posture, sciatica, sitting too much, shoes, chair, bed, and high inflammatory foods such as all pork, yellow cheese, nitrates found in all sausage, shrimp, lobster, and crab. 

Take your marijuana product twice or three times a day everyday so you never feel the crisis pain of neuropathy. One on one consultation are available at MJ Consulting LLC. 

Submitted as education not legal or medical advice by MJ Consulting LLC. 928-772-2011.