Your Medical Marijuana and Hemp Q & A 

Happy Thanksgiving! What a blessing it is to have survived the past two years. 

Question: Can I meet with my marijuana doctor thru video or phone for a marijuana certification? 

Answer: NO. Governor Ducey signed into law on May 7, 2021, HB 2454, making online medical marijuana certification appointments illegal. The Arizona Medical Boards have stated even during Covid-19, online certification for the AZ medical marijuana program is illegal.  

Many doctors moved all their appointments online in 2020 because of Covid-19 regardless of what their board said, to protect themselves. There are patients who used online providers in 2020- 2022. Those cards could become void because the certifying doctor violated Arizona law, and the patient could find themselves with a void card and lose their money.  

Medical Marijuana doctors and clinic staff who have risked their lives to stay open during Covid-19 as essential workers are now suffering low appointment rates because some doctors continue to do telehealth which is illegal. The doctors who have done everything right by meeting patients in person are fighting for the survival of their practices and companies. 

The governor’s office and health department state all marijuana certification appointments must be in person. The form the doctor must complete and sign requires an in-person appointment, stated on the form in question # 3. This is why medical marijuana patients have been excluded from telehealth certification appointments. The legislators claim they cannot change the form because this is a voter initiative. 

MJ Consulting LLC remains the only Medical Marijuana Certification Center in our community that has remained open with in-house doctors who do not do tele-med certifications. 

We do offer curb-side appointments for anyone wishing to stay in their car while visiting the doctors or you can come into the building. We also will do home visits for those who cannot leave home for an additional charge. 

Stay Safe! Stay Legal!! Visit MJ Consulting LLC when you need a new patient card, card renewal, a name or address change on your card or if you have lost your card, we can help replace it. We have been here for you for the past 9 years and universe willing; we will continue to be here for our community. 

Provided as information not legal or medical advice by MJ Consulting LLC 8540 E. State Rt. 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314, P: 928-772-2011 open 10-6 M-Th