Question: What is Emotional Support Animal Certification? 

Answer: ESA is having a doctor certify that your animal provides a service to you that is a benefit. It is one step above a “pet”. Your animal can be any animal that provides comfort, social interaction, a feeling of being needed, helps you sleep safely, put you both on a feeding schedule, makes you take walks, is more active than you would otherwise be, and you care for each other. You know, more than just a pet you feed.  

An Emotional Support Animal can be any animal and you do not need to bring your animal to your ESA doctor appointment. This certification can be completed either in person or over telehealth, phone, or video. The cost is usually $80-$100, at our office, it is $80. 

You will be given a letter signed by a doctor that will allow you to take your certified animal to places that would not normally allow pets. The ESA letter works great for landlords who usually bypass the deposit and extra rent they want for a pet. Your support animal letter works everywhere except an airport or airplane or grocery store. 

To have your animal certified as a “service animal” is different than an “emotional support animal”. 

A service animal is trained to do a specific task for you to aid your disability. Fetch your cane, remind you to eat, notify others if you have a seizure, guide you if you are blind, etc. Only service animals are permitted in airports, on airplanes, and in the cart at the grocery store. 

If you would like more information on emotional support animal certification or would like an appointment with a doctor, please call: Phone 928-772-2011 or stop in at MJ Consulting LLC 8540 E. State Rt. 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 

This article is provided as information, not legal or medical advice.