Question: How can I use marijuana without feeling mentally medicated or high? 

Answer: Remember THC is the only component of 487 in every marijuana plant that can get you high. The plant itself is not psychoactive. You will only get high if the plant or product you are using is heated above boiling point of 212 degrees. Many edibles found in dispensaries are made with cannabis concentrates that have been manufactured with heat extraction. I.e., hash, wax, shatter, goo, crumble, distillate, and crystalline. The exceptions are rosin, water or ice hash, and dry sift aka kief.  

You can buy rosin, water/ice hash, or dry sift, and use a small amount (BB size dose) in the foods you have at home. This will make you feel well without being mentally medicated or high. 

You can also drink fresh flowers and leaf cannabis juice, grind the flowers into a powder and sprinkle ½ teaspoon on the foods you eat at home. Again, this will produce a feeling of wellbeing for whatever ails you, without feeling high. 

Another great option is to use Hemp products or flowers. Although the cannabis and hemp plant have the same compounds, the cannabis plant grows miniscule amounts of CBD and a great deal of THC while the hemp plant is opposite. To be considered a hemp plant there must be less than .03% THC. Anything above that amount is considered a cannabis plant and must be sold in a dispensary. 

You can find cannabis products that have no THC. There are 140 known cannabinoids in every plant. THC is just one of 140 cannabinoids. You select a product that has only CBN if you need help sleeping, CBD, CBG and CBC cannabinoids are wonderful pain relievers. Etc. 

Also consider selecting strains (types) and edibles made with low THC strains. Here is a list of a few but do know there are many. 

Harlequin, Cannatonic, ACDC, Blueberry Essence, Purple Cheese, Sour Tsunami, Critical Mass, Pennywise, Afghani CBD, CBD Skunk, Remedy, and my favorite, Animal Cookies. 

Remember it is the “heat” that activates the psychoactivity in the cannabis plant. Heat above boiling point of 212 degrees will cause psychoactivity. With daily use patients realize they do not get high even when using a little activated THC, they just feel well. 

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This article is not legal or medical advice. It is for informational purposes only. 

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