From our family to you and yours, Merry Christmas! Have a safe and fun holiday! 

Question: With the holiday season approaching, can I share my marijuana? 

Answer: Yes, although there are a lot of rules. here are some tips to staying law abiding. 

If you are under 21 you must have a medical marijuana patient card to have marijuana in your possession or to use marijuana. As a registered “minor” medical marijuana patient you can only share marijuana medicine with someone who also has a medical marijuana patient card. You cannot share with an adult 21 and older because you do not qualify for the Adult Use Program, being a minor. 

Under the Adult Use Program anyone 21 and older may share their marijuana with anyone 21 years of age or older. No marijuana can be shared with anyone under 21 unless they have a medical marijuana patient card. 

If you are at a party providing marijuana to others, be cautious about minors at the party, they can get you in trouble with the law should law enforcement be called for loud music, barking dog, or noise etc.  

Be wise as to where you use and share your marijuana. Marijuana can be used at a private residence, private gathering, and at a cannabis (marijuana) friendly business. The property owner always has a right to say, “No you cannot use marijuana on my property”. Be respectful and ask the party host before passing the joint, bowl, or candy dish. 

Marijuana cannot be used in public spaces such as on the sidewalk, parks, parking lots, etc. Marijuana cannot be used in your automobile or in any motorized vehicle unless you are a registered medical marijuana patient and not the driver. 

Be smart and only take the amount of marijuana you expect to use and not everything you own. Someone could gift you marijuana so be sure not to possess more than one ounce under the Adult Use Program and two and a half ounces under the medical program. 

Remember. If you host a party and provide marijuana edibles, smokables, and alcohol, you will have people who become too inebriated. Be prepared for overnight guests or guests who hug your porcelain throne all night. As with any holiday party, have a designated driver. Always remember when you mix marijuana and alcohol both become more potent. Vitamin C and/or CBD will help you recover from THC over use. 

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