Question: I am new to marijuana, what basics do I need to know?

Answer: Here are the top 10 although there are many more.

  1. Marijuana, Cannabis, pot, and weed all refer to the same plant. Hemp is a different plant.
  2. Marijuana is a plant with fruit called flowers or buds. All parts of the plant have nutritional and medicinal value.
  3. Not all marijuana is considered to be healthy. The plant can have mold from growing in a tight area, too high of humidity in the grow area, improper curing, or chemicals used to promote growth and heavy metals from the soil. Buy from a dispensary who must test or when growing your own have your soil tested. Bugs such as spider mites and others can also affect the quality of your marijuana.
  4. Look up the strain(type) before you buy or grow. leafly.comstrain name. Different strains produce different medicinal qualities and this website is a big help.
  5. Edibles rarely have a strain name where as “buds” always list a strain name. Edibles will list Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Sativa is generally used during the day, Indica generally used for nighttime, and hybrids are a mix of the Sativa and Indica families and can be used days, afternoons, and evening.
  6. Start with a low dose and go slow: 1-3 milligrams and graduate to 3-5 milligrams dose once you know how marijuana makes you feel.
  7. Different methods of use produce different effects: With Inhalation you feel the effects within 30 seconds and stops working in 1-3 hours. Tinctures that go in your mouth will take 20 minutes to feel the effects and will last 4-6 hours, edibles (anything you need to digest) will take up to two hours to feel the effects and will last 8-12 hours. Skin rubs can be instantaneous, depending on what else besides marijuana is in them, or take up to 30 minutes to feel the relief and last 4-6 hours. Personal care products like suppositories, tampons, and eye drops absorb quickly with fast relief lasting 4-6 hours.
  8. You do not need to get “high” to use marijuana. The natural plant is non-psychoactive. The flowers, buds, and leaf can be eaten raw in salads, smoothies, and sprinkled on any food with no psychoactivity. The plant become psychoactive once it is heated above boiling point of 212 degrees. Skin rubs also are not psychoactive.
  9. Health Insurance does not cover dispensary purchases or the cost of obtaining a patient medical marijuana card.
  10. Marijuana helps reduce pharmaceutical drug use. Educate before you medicate.
  11. Landlords can stop marijuana use at their property for recreational users but not registered medical patients.
  12. Dispensaries are the only place where marijuana, seeds, and clone sales are legal. You can grow 6 plants per adult with a limit of 12 per household. You may give marijuana away to friends and family if no money or value is exchanged.
  13. You can get a DUI for marijuana use just like alcohol if you are driving incapacitated. Never take a field sobriety test, ask for a blood or urine test if an officer thinks you are incapacitated, to avoid a DUI.
  14. Going to a dispensary for the first time can be an overwhelming and exciting experience. Take someone with you who is knowledgeable to help you.

This article is for information only and is not legal or medical advice. If you need an attorney or a doctor or would like more information please call us or visit us M-S at MJ Consulting LLC 928-772-2011, 8540 E. State Rt. 69, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 or email your questions, Check out our website