Can it be that simple? Yes! There are several different modalities that stress the importance of holding your fingers to relieve anxiety, depression, fear, anger, worry and more. Chi gong, and jin shin jyutsu are two of the most prominent methods. Most tell you to simply hold the appropriate finger for a few minutes and like magic, you feel better. I find that visualizing the results you want and not the problem you think you have is very helpful. As an example, if you’re holding your thumb because you’re worried about losing your job and all you see and think about are all of the horrible things that are going to happen to your life if you do lose the job, you’ve just negated all the benefits of holding your thumb. On the other hand, if you hold your thumb and think about the fact that if this job is gone, you’ll get a better job quickly and your life will be better in a very short period of time. You’re telling the universe that you want a happy solution to the problem. Worry is destructive and doesn’t allow you to find the answers you need to go forward. The same goes for anxiety, grief, depression, insomnia and on and on. So, let’s get started:

Thumb: the Thumb, as mentioned before relieves worry, It’s related to the stomach, so if you’re having stomach issues this is the finger to hold.

Index Finger: This finger is used to deal with depression, sadness and grief. It’s also related to the lungs and large intestines.

Middle Finger: Relates to impatience and hastiness. I have found that holding the middle finger relaxes me so much that I fall asleep easily and quickly. It also relates to the heart, small intestines, circulatory system and respiratory system..

Ring Finger: The ring finger deals with anger. It also is involved with the liver, gallbladder, and the nervous system.

Little Finger (Pinky): Relates to fears. It is also related to the kidneys.

Just hold or squeeze the finger for a few minutes, while you visualize the desired outcome and watch the change in your mood. Its like magic. And just that easy.

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Than you, and have a happy, healthy day.

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