Sunshine and Butterflies!


The residents of The Margaret T. Morris Center and participants of the Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center have been enjoying the spring weather and they are looking forward to more of it! Outdoor activities in the sunshine and fresh air are most definitely what the doctor ordered after a long cold winter.


The Margaret T. Morris Center’s one-acre garden is complete with beautiful flowers, plants, and fruit trees that attract butterflies. The residents enjoy the horticulture program by helping to plant and tend the garden. The Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center has a lovely outdoor patio with many pots and raised garden beds so the participants can help with planting and growing flowers and veggies. Once harvested, the participants help to prepare a delicious snack. Everyone can sit outside under the covered patio and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


The benefits of outdoor activities in the sunshine and fresh air include:


Vitamin D: Sunshine provides much-needed vitamin D which assists with decreasing depression and osteoporosis.


Fresh Air: Breathing fresh air is not only good for clearing out the lungs and airways but it assists with pushing oxygen into our cells.


Change of Scenery: Anytime we can get outdoors and get a new perspective it will help to give us a feeling of rejuvenation!


Working in the Dirt: gardening has many benefits such as decreasing depression and anxiety, creating a sense of belonging, and increases our stress resilience (


With all these great advantages to our health and wellness, why wouldn’t we be excited that spring is here? So, let’s get out there and enjoy the sunshine and butterflies!


Both of these amazing programs are hoping to obtain donations of vegetable plants and flowers. If you would like to volunteer your time and assist with our horticulture programs, please call 928-771-2335. Or to learn more, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Candace Lea

Community Liaison

Adult Care Services