Hi! I’m Dr. Sweet – Owner of Next Level Functional Health. Thank you for taking a minute to read how we have been helping patients overcome chronic pain with low level laser. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) research has been published extensively for well over 50 years, but not many people know about its benefits. I have been using FDA Approved laser therapy at Next Level for 15 years and our patients can certainly attest to its effectiveness!
I typically attend at least one laser seminar a year to keep up with the latest and greatest. I knew Erchonia had come out with a green laser, but I wasn’t going to buy it. I had seven lasers already, and I really did not need another one…until the instructor said…
“Research shows the green laser is even better at stimulating Cartilage Repair, Pre and Post Surgical Healing and Fracture Healing!” Well heck…that is 75% of my laser practice! Most of my patients are navigating cartilage thinning in one or more joints or have been through surgeries that have left some residual pain. We’ve been restoring strength and movement to stiff, painful hands and thumbs, reducing pain in “not quite ready for surgery” knees or “never healed completely” surgeries and getting those elbows and shoulders back to pickleball with the red laser for a long time. Now we’ve added the green/violet laser into the mix and the results are even better!
How Does Laser Work? In a nutshell, LLLT works on a cellular level to reduce inflammation, kickstart repair in cells damaged by injury or surgery and then accelerate those repair processes. It’s like “Pedal to the Metal” for healing! The research showing green laser stimulating bone and cartilage cells is remarkable. If you’ve been told you are “bone on bone,” but you can still move that joint without excruciating pain, let’s do some laser! Any normal cell in the body will respond favorably to low level laser: muscle cells, ligament cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, skin cells, you name it…even brain cells! Best of all…It’s a painless treatment!

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