In 2013, we sought and received our certifications of Grass Fed, All Natural, No Hormones, No 

Antibiotics & No Animal By-Products for our Criollo Beef. In 2015, we began selling our individual cuts at 

the  Prescott Farmers Market and by 2016 we were at three Farmers Markets a week as well as supplying 

BiGA  and John’s Chophouse Restaurants and The Honeyman  specialty grocer! 2017 saw our largest calf 

crop  of 71 and a total herd of over 250 animals. The drought was exceptional in 2018 and hay was 

scarce, which forced us to drastically cut our numbers. 

In 2016 we gained access to the spent brewer’s grains from the Prescott Brewing Company’s facility in 

the  Prescott Air Park. We began supplementing the diet of some of our beef animals with a small 

amount  of the “mash”. When these animals were finally harvested, we had the meat analyzed at the U 

of  A Meat Lab, along with our 100% Grass Fed Beef. The nutritional profiles were very similar and the 

flavor  was fantastic, so a second product line was launched. 

Part of our headquarters had irrigation infrastructure in place when we purchased it, so we set about 

making  it functional and in 2019 started putting up our own hay. This has allowed us to keep our cattle, 

and  horses, fed even in drought conditions. 

Despite having our own hay, we have still had to reduce our overall cattle numbers due to the ongoing 

drought  and  development. The outside country just does not grow enough feed to sustain a large 

number  of mother cows. Due to the decreased supply of beef, we no longer supply restaurants and 

currently sell our individual cuts only through The Honeyman Specialty Grocers. The ranch also sells half 

and  whole beef as custom slaughter. Prescott Brewing Company sold their operation to Wren House 

Brewing Company, where we continue to have access to the spent brewer’s grains for cattle feed. 

The Broken Horn D Ranch is honored to supply our neighbors with healthy, locally and sustainably raised