At Fit Body Boot Camp we have such an amazing community! Our gym is full of newcomers and founding members alike, who are all welcoming, supportive and encouraging. The people here have all different backgrounds and stories, yet each and every one of them show up ready to make changes and ready to work!

Laurie Bragdon is no different. I had the pleasure of spending time with Laurie. We chatted about her life early on and how she came to be where she is today. Laurie recalls being overweight in her childhood years. Her mother cooked casseroles and high fat foods. She remembers trying different sports in hopes of creating a healthier lifestyle, but nothing really seemed to work. Laurie was teased as a young girl and it really affected her self-esteem and confidence.

In the 1980’s, Laurie moved to California and fell in love with jazzercise. With hard work and dedication, she was able to create a lifestyle that made her feel good! She lost weight and had a great time doing it! Laurie stayed involved with some type of fitness format until she came upon an injury, a torn meniscus, and was unable to sustain any type of exercise routine.  Along with this injury, Covid hit. And just like the rest of us, it threw Laurie’s world out of whack. These two things had a huge impact on her life. She found herself in that old familiar spot of gaining weight and not feeling well.

When life allowed, Laurie pushed herself and joined a local gym -usually overcrowded and didn’t provide any type of structure or classes that Laurie loved so much.  She grew bored and didn’t see the results she was hoping for.  So, she made a call.

Laurie called Fit Body Boot Camp and asked a very specific question.  “Can you help me lose 100 lbs?”  Her first encounter was with General Manager, Greg Ellers.  And what was his response?  “Absolutely!”   And so began her journey!

Over the past few months, Laurie has lost over 35 pounds.  She is ten pounds away from reaching what she calls, “the wonderland.”  When she loses ten pounds, she will be under 200 pounds.  And I have no doubt in my mind that she will get there.

“The first two weeks were the hardest,” says Laurie.  She was nervous.  Everyone appeared to be in better shape and the exercises were new.  That can be extremely intimidating.  But she pushed through.  Laurie is now a key member in our community.  We place new people under her wing for guidance and encouragement.  She gives love and is loved by many.  Another exciting thing to watch is when she does two sessions a day.  Something that once seemed so difficult, she can now do twice a day!  This is a huge accomplishment, and we all admire her strength and determination!

“I can change my story, “Laurie proclaimed.  And she can.  And she will.  “Coach Ernie is the sweetest!”  Coach Ernie and Laurie have a special bond.  Those who know him, adore him.  He is an amazing coach, mentor and all around person.  I love that the members of our facility have the opportunity to form real, true bonds with the coaches.  That support can make a world of difference.

Laurie still gets nervous sometimes.  She is human and has hard days and hurdles like the rest of us.  But she never quits. She also experiences extreme highs – sleeping better and having a clear mind.  Her brain feels “less foggy.”  And don’t forget about the shopping! Going shopping because your clothes no longer fit was such an awesome experience. Feeling stronger and having the ability to get up off the floor was a milestone!  These things make all the hard work worth it.

We are so grateful to have Laurie as part of our community.  She is kind, encouraging and an overall amazing role model to both new and older members.  Laurie is happy to be here and we are over the moon to have her with us.  Thank you, for being you, Laurie.  We’ll see you at the next session!

Submitted by Kara Krieger, Certified Coach at Prescott Fit Body Boot Camp