I have been in business here in Yavapai County for 30 years now. For far too many of those years I was a worrier. I have not completely overcome that bad habit, but it’s fair to say it has diminished by 80%.


What did I worry about? Things like enough cash to make payroll, will sales be high enough to meet expenses, will I go broke or get sued…and on and on. Oh, how this human mind is creative in suggesting things to worry about.


You may have other things you worry about: your family, your health, finances, future happiness, terrorism, the future of the planet, etc.


Before I share with you the principles that helped me reduce worry, let’s look at the cost of worry. Here are just a few consequences of worry:


  1. It reduces your capacity to solve real problems. By taking time and energy to worry, you lose time to think and solve actual difficulties you are facing.
  2. It depresses you and those around you. You lose the persona of a strong, capable leader. You get discouraged and discourage those around you.
  3. You cause the very thing you are worrying about. By concentrating on the negative, you set your mind to the task of aligning with those thoughts, and can actually move toward that dreaded situation.


These are just a few consequences, the list can go on. You could add a few, if you put your mind to it. Let us move on the ways to overcome worry.


Next time you find yourself worrying, try one of these options. Open your mind, and give yourself permission to try a new way of thinking.


Some of these tips come from a fine book called HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVNG, by Dale Carnegie. Others I have picked up along the way, from forgotten sources.


  1. Check your history. Think about your past. How many of the things that you have worried about have actually happened. The percentage is low. Very low. We worry about things that will probably never happen. What a waste.
  2. “Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you”. Try it. This one really works.
  3. Get moving. Worry is attracted to inactivity. It lingers around the lethargy. Instead of worrying, go pull some weeds, or clean the house, or visit a convalescent hospital, or walk the dog, whatever—get moving. You will find that you worries will lessen and you will accomplish something that needed to be done, too.
  4. Be grateful for what you already have. Recently I was talking to a young man who was rebuilding his life, after some destructive behavior had reduced him to having very little. He said, “but I have a bed and water to drink, I am grateful for that”. I was challenged by his attitude. You probably have much more than a bed and water. Are you grateful? Have you said “thank you” lately? An attitude of gratitude reduces worry.
  5. Yes, you can change. I started worrying about money when I was very young. We had some financial instability in my family, and it stuck with me all these years. But, I am changing. We have been given free will, and we can change. You can worry less and accomplish more.


I wish you the best on your journey of a worry-free life. If you have time, stop in our store: Totally Floored. And buy some flooring, so I don’t have to worry about making payroll! ☺


Dan Hussey

“Top dog in charge of keeping customers happy!”

Totally Floored

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