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Frontier Publishing is Yavapai County’s premier monthly directly delivered Health and Wellness publishing company. Our publication – The Yavapai Health and Wellness newspaper is distributed to over nearly 40,000 readers monthly.

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Regenerative Medicine: The Pain Reliever of the Future

Regenerative Medicine: The Pain Reliever of the Future

Regenerative Medicine utilizes non-opioid and non-steroidal techniques to provide patients with pain relief while also stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal.  Rather than suppressing the pain temporarily with a medication, the goal is to regenerate the areas...

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CBD for Better ZZZ’s

CBD for Better ZZZ’s

Can CBD oil help with sleep?  There are several different issues that may impact your sleep: Physical discomfort, anxiety or stress for example.  Sleep is a complex neurological phenomenon.  Your conscious mind may be “turned off” but there are many processes still...

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ASK MA AT MJ CONSULTING LLC May is Mental Health Awareness month. Poetic justice or just blessed to write this article after 17 years in the Arizona mental health system with our son, has taught us much. Question: Can medical marijuana and hemp treat mental illness?...

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Broken Horn D Ranch

BROKEN HORN D RANCH                        Prescott, AZ     Broken Horn D Ranch is located in Prescott, AZ, Yavapai County.  Dave Pawel & Kim McElroy raise Corriente cattle and produce 100% Grass Fed, Criollo beef on 4,000+ acres.  All the beef comes...

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