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Frontier Publishing is Yavapai County’s premier monthly directly delivered Health and Wellness publishing company. Our publication – The Yavapai Health and Wellness newspaper is distributed to over nearly 40,000 readers monthly.

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Senior Senses: Touchy Feely

Senior Senses: Touchy Feely

When we touch something, the nerves in the fingers send impulses to the brain that instantly identifies the sensation – whether it is hot or cold, soft or hard. As we age, however, our sense of touch becomes less sensitive.   These changes can be related to a...

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The Signia Xperience

The Signia Xperience

The world’s first technology to AUTOMATICALLY ADJUST to changes in your environment and movements.  FACT 90% of activities involve motion. The world’s first technology clinically proven to deliver BETTER THAN NORMAL HEARING in background noise.1 FACT Sound quality is...

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