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Yavapai Health And Wellness News is Yavapai County’s premier monthly directly delivered Health and Wellness publishing company. Our publication – The Yavapai Health and Wellness newspaper is distributed to over nearly 40,000 readers monthly.

Recent Articles

Benefits of Whole Foods

Benefits of Whole Foods

Just what is a “whole food” anyway? The generally accepted definition is a nutrient dense food that is not process or refined; or minimally processes as in washed or cut up food stuff. Think apples, bananas, whole egg in a shell or a beef steak. Processed foods can...

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9 1/2 Evergreen Shrubs for a Greener Winter

9 1/2 Evergreen Shrubs for a Greener Winter

Autumn colors are spectacular. The colors and textures are unique to the four seasons of the mountain west. As we wrap up the last Autumn leaves, the landscape can feel naked and bare. Deciduous plants, which lose their leaves through winter, often expose you to...

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7 Ways to Keep your Heart Young

7 Ways to Keep your Heart Young

Because it’s possible for your heart to age faster than your chronological age, you can get an idea of what your “heart age” might be through an online heart age calculator. It’s a way to quantify your cardiovascular age based on different risk factors like high blood...

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